My work is characterized by being intuitive and at the same time connected with its context, with the social and urban dynamics of today. I create narratives with few elements with a focus on materiality. My work arises from experimentation through sculpture, weaving, and installations. Textiles are a vehicle to communicate different ways of articulating the same medium: surfaces open to the changes of light, colors and patterns that simultaneously contain history and hint toward a different kind of future.

I work with familiar materials, that some way or another, everybody has hold in their hands at one point in their lives. Through tactile memories I aim that the viewer feels connected to the work on a more basic and direct level. My work is mostly process based and that's where repetition comes into play.

Currently I am working on projects where the body has a more active role, such as a series of sculptures that function as units of measurement under the idea of bringing the interior space to the exterior. I activate these objects in relation to different environments and spaces. Playful situations of exchange between the works and their contexts happen, between the works and the public that encounter the sculptures almost by chance.